TRO “Evergreens Volume 1”

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Format : CD
TRO’s “Evergreens Reimagined Volume 1” features twelve classic works from the TRO music catalog, covered by some of TRO’s newly signed writers, including ¬†multi-cultural band The Scooches,”old soul singer/songwriter” Sam Robbins,, americana singer/songwriter Carter Hulsey, and dynamic folk duo Story and Tune!
Look for the full album released March 29th, 2024 –¬†listen here.
The Scooches cover Consider Yourself, Gonna Build A Mountain, and Hop Scotch Polka.
The Scooches Four on the album:
Betina Hershey – vocals
Miles Griffith – vocals
Nick Russo – guitar, banjo
John Bollinger – drums
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