The Hudson West Festival

23 Sep 2023 Jersey City, New Jersey


Time : 11am-8pm
Venue : The Hudson West Fest
State : New Jersey
Contact Website :

See The Scooches both in Concert at 1pm and leading a master class/workshop at 2:15pm.

There will be 10 artists performing.

Workshop – The Sounds of Diversity In Our Music 

Exploring the melting pot of diverse cultures, musical genres and styles. 

The Scooches invite you to our workshop on the intersection of diverse musical genres. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn about different musical genres and how they can be combined to create something new and exciting. You’ll also have the chance to sing along, learn call and response, repeat short melodic improvisations, clap rhythms, and feel these genres in an organic voice, ear, rhythm and movement connected experience. The workshop will be led by The Scooches, a band that blends traditional and original music from around the world. This workshop is for all levels of experience, so come with an open mind, to listen, learn, sing, make music, and have fun!


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