Vintage Train Event 2023

16 Dec 2023 NYC, NY Free


Venue : 2nd Avenue (F line - uptown)
State : NY
Tell your friends: The 2023 Vintage Train Jazz and Swing Festival IS BACK!
Meet us at the center of the Uptown platform of the 2nd Ave F subway station, where 6 bands will play continuously from 11am–5pm on SATURDAY, Dec. 16. The festival is free and open to the public but don’t forget to TIP THE BANDS!
Read on for more details!
On Saturday, Dec. 16, hundreds of jazz musicians, swing dancers, vintage clothing enthusiasts, and photographers (plus families, commuters, and subway/railroad buffs) will converge on the 2nd Ave. F station’s Uptown platform for a day of music, dance, and happiness — all just for the cost of a Metrocard swipe!
This pop-up music festival is organized by ordinary New Yorkers, and is not an official event of the Transit Museum or the MTA.
Journalists, bloggers, photogs, documentarians, etc. are absolutely welcome to come and cover the event! We want to spotlight our wonderful musicians as much as possible but we care about crowding and safety… so post-event coverage is welcome but please, NO PREVIEWS and NO PUBLIC CALENDAR LISTINGS.
We ask that everyone please share or post your reports/posts/broadcasts here or with the hashtag #NYCVINTAGETRAIN2023 so we can enjoy them later.
Press inquiries: Post a comment or DM and our organizer will get back to you right away!
To brighten our holiday season, these world-class musicians are willing to play solely for tips, so please be generous to each and every band! The event is free, and run entirely by volunteers, but these professional artists work for a living. We recommend you bring a stack of small bills. Giving $2–$5 per band, per set, is a nice start! Don’t wait for the hat-passer to come to you; step up. Bring cash, or look for Venmo/Cashapp/PayPal links. Buy CDs and merch! Support live music in New York City!! ♥
11am – noon: The Scooches
12 – 12:50pm: instead of Tamar Korn & Friends, The Scooches play a 2nd set
12:50pm – 1:45pm: The Hot Toddies
1:45-2:45pm: The Phirocious Swing Orchestra, led by Myriam Phiro
2:45 – 3:45pm: Svetlana & the Delancey Five
3:45 – 4:45pm: Danny Jonokuchi and the Revisionists
The festival will be based at the center of the Uptown platform of the 2nd Ave F station.
The Holiday Nostalgia Special, which we call the Vintage Train, will travel between the 2nd Ave. F station and the 145th St. A/C/D station. If you time it right, you can jump on the Train anywhere along the route and it will eventually bring you to the Festival.
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